Photography & Video Production


When it comes to the photography we use for our projects, we aim to ensure that the images are visually stimulating and have a unique quality to them. We take into consideration what your project needs are and then together with your ideas and ours we produce a product that sets us apart from the competition.

Whatever your photography needs are, we have the team to see your vision turned into reality. From business and lifestyle productions, urban and landscape to head shots or fashion, we will provide you with the most current and beautiful work possible today.


Fixxedia’s video production team can see the seed of an idea and build around it to  produce a final product ready for broadcast. When producing video’s we try to incorporate a more of a film style, rather than something that looks like a high school instructional video. A video about book store doesn’t have to be sleepy when you have the right team behind the production.

In todays video landscape everything needs to be on point. A good video with bad sound is not going to have the same positive effect on the viewer as a good video with good sound. When you present a production to your customers and everything from dialogue, storyboarding, camera work and sound has to be 100% professional. When your video’s are presented with the highest quality your customers are going to associate that high standard with you and your product.

Fixxedia Team & Affiliates

Weather you are working with our full time photography & video staff or with one of our affiliate photographers the final product will always be of the highest quality. When working with some of our affiliates in other cities, all of the photography and video editing is done by the same Fixxedia editors, this way we keep a consistent style and ensure the quality always rolls out the same.

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