Social Media & Digital Marketing

Everyones social media needs are different. Some companies want to hire us to manage all their accounts and not have to think about it again. Other companies want to be heavily involved and learn every bit of the process. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help you take your ideas and goals and bring them to reality.

Here is what we can do for you.

Social Media Creation & Campaigns

– Set up and initial content creation of all social media outlets that your company should be on and or has an interest in pursuing. Of course Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest are a great place to start, but maybe what you need something you haven’t even thought of, we’ll let you know what those things are.

– If you are already set up and just find your not getting a lot of action on your accounts, we will bring the action and teach you how to keep it going.

– Keeping a laser focus on your companies niche, we will put the right eyes and ears on to your product. If you already have 1000 followers on Twitter that’s great, but if your not getting any interaction, maybe you got the wrong followers. We will make sure the people that we bring to you will want to be involved with what your doing.

– Weather your campaign needs are small or large, they need equal attention to every aspect of the markets landscape. We can provide great written content together with stimulating visual elements that will create a buzz and translate into a successful and profitable campaign.

Social Media Management

Running a business in todays market requires more attention to social media than ever. If your Twitter account has 600 followers and your tweets are impersonal and inconsistent your customers are going to notice. Your companies social media accounts are like side doors to your business, they are not the front entrance, but the impact they have to translate from an open door to sales are nearly equal.

Your clients want to see that you are not just on social media, but you are a leader in your market. A quick look to your Facebook and Twitter accounts will so very quickly show if your company is up on current trends in your field, in touch with your customers needs and interests or if your accounts are simply auto filled with self promoting post with out any real dialogue. People are smart and they will know the difference.

With all that said, we understand creating a proper social media strategy and implementing it takes an insane amount of time and work. Not exactly something you want to be doing in your spare time. Hiring a full-time social media manager is honestly a good option, however it is also a very expensive option. Plus that employee would be just one more thing you have to worry about. The better option is to hire us to do it for you.

At Fixxedia we will come up with a social media strategy that will work exactly they way you want it too. We will get to know your market and research current trends and look forward to what is coming next. The best part about hiring Fixxedia to manage your social media for you is once we are on your team, you can rest easy knowing the side doors of your business will be just as grand as your front door. Our professional social media team will not only be working on putting your company on the social media landscape, we will be leading that landscape for you.


At Fixxedia we want all of our clients to succeed, not only with us, but well after our campaigns end. As much as we love working with the wonderful clients we get the opportunity to work with, it is not always necessary (sometimes it is) for us manage all of your campaigns on an ongoing basis. Long and extended contracts are great or our business’s bottom line, but it isn’t always the best for yours. At Fixxedia we will teach you how to keep the social media moment going and how to continue creating content that your target audience will engage in.

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