Website Development & Blog Management

Your Website

Spending $20,000 on a website isn’t always an option for every company. At Fixxedia we know we can put together a website that you will love for a small fraction of what most website developers will charge. Take this website for instance, it’s awesome, it has everything we want on it, it is up to date on current website trends and it’s extremely easily updatable. The best part, we put this together using a free WordPress template! This could be your website. Picture your photos, your content, your success. Like something brighter? darker? different font? white background? Green? Purple? Blue? maybe a landscape photo? Whatever it is you picture in your mind, we can make it happen and we can do it for a fraction of what you would pay else where.

Blog Management

The blogs we put together for people are awesome. The key to a successful blog is to keep producing awesome content. That involves coming up with the right pictures, videos and writing articles that speak to your audience. Coming up with engaging content everyday can take as much work as a full time job and you clearly already have one of those. You could hire and employee to take care of this for you, but that is just one more thing you’ll have to worry about. Let us take care of it for you. Our team of professional writers, photographers and bloggers will make sure the content on your blog not only reflects your companies business, but creates conversation and more importantly a constant stream of new traffic to your website.

Social Media & Digital Marketing                                         Photography & Video Production